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Columbia Food Laboratories, Inc. is now located near Portland International Airport.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to the food industry and the customers that it serves. From the producer to the processor and from the processor to the consumer, we provide numerous analytical services to assure that only the best and safest products reach the consumer's table.

Company Profile

Columbia Food Laboratories was established in December 1996. However, we have experience in agricultural analyses going back to the early 1970's. Our people contribute many years of accumulated experience and expertise to all areas of the lab operations. As of June 2014, Columbia Food Laboratories is part of the Tentamus group of laboratories.

Our clients encompass both small and mid-sized agricultural producers as well as Fortune 500 corporations. And, Columbia Food Laboratories has USDA vegetation and soil import permits, allowing us to also serve customers outside of the United States.

Our services are divided into three primary categories: microbiology, nutrition and pesticide residue related testing. Click on the Services button in the upper left side bar to browse our test offerings.

Our equipment includes multiple gas chromatographs (GC's) and high pressure liquid chromatographs (HPLC's). Detectors for the GC's include FID, ECD, FPD, PFPD, XSD, single and triple quad MSD's. The HPLC's are equipped with DAD's, FLD, single and triple quad MSD's, and a high resolution/accurate mass TOF-MS. Other state-of-the-art equipment includes real-time PCR system for pathogen determination, a nitrogen analyzer for the measurement of protein and a Leica phase-contrast microscope.

For More Information . . .

We hope you enjoy the exploration of our web site. It is our intent to make it a valuable source of information. To that end, there are links to useful external reference information, such as pesticide MRL's, nutrient database values, and CFR citations. Access them by clicking on the External Links button in the left side bar. You may contact us by clicking on the button at the top of any page.

Columbia River Gorge filled in with fog (compare with picture above). The Columbia River and Interstate Highway I-84 are below in the fog. Looking east upriver, Washington is on the left and Oregon on the right.


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